Participants will have access to the following resources:

  • ProjectDMC website
  • Access to a data set will be given at the hackathon via a web link and USB device. This data set is being provided by one of out sponsors, ITAMCO, which will feature over six months (20GB) of live MTConnect machine data from over 75 machines in their facility.
    • We will release some information regarding variables and parameters include inthe data set a few days before the hackathon.
  • Schemas related to the data set will also be provided.
  • We will provide virtual machines hosted in Microsoft Azure, which will be filled with the data set and other important files.
    • These will be provided after your team has registered.
  • Hackathon participants must bring their own computers.
  • Wi-Fi will be available.
  • Subject matter experts will also be available on throughout the day Saturday.
  • MTConnect website.
  • Dome tutorial can be found here.
  • Download example dome model which calls to summarize hackathon data 'categories' field.
    • Download zip file
    • Unzip anywhere
    • Make sure to copy "xaa" to "/tmp" or else change absolute path reference in to point at the absolute path to "xaa" (xaa is a 34MB subset of the total dataset).
    • In DOME, open model as a "NameValue" model type and explore parameters and "setup" tab.
    • When ready, publish from DOME, run, and watch it tally the number and types of event categories.